Idle Hands: Fidget Toys Let ADHD Kids Focus on School

Students who have ADD or ADHD often find it difficult to sit still and stop fidgeting long enough to listen to lessons in school. Their constant movement is not only frustrating for teachers; it is often disruptive to other students and to the ADD student as well. Teachers have come up with all sorts of ingenious ways to keep students occupied and attentive, but Squizits is a set of toys that is designed specifically for these unconventional learners.

Squizits, designed by Lavinia Chu, is a boxed kit of simple wooden toys meant to keep restless hands occupied. For many ADD/ADHD and OCD kids, keeping their hands busy can actually help their minds focus. Putting something into those hands that won’t distract surrounding students can mean the difference between a successful school day and a frustrating one.

The key to these little fidgets is that they are simple and discreet. Students can manipulate them with one or both hands below their desks, out of sight of everyone else in the classroom.

But even more importantly, there are eight pieces in the kit. When the student gets tired of one, he can pull out a different piece to keep his fingers moving and keep his mind on the task at hand.

The kit also comes with a clip with which to secure the fidget toys to the student’s chair or desk. Kept close by, the small toys can be grabbed quickly and manipulated to stimulate the mind or provide a feeling of calm, depending on the student.

There are even some adults who might benefit from this type of device. While they may not have an ADD diagnosis, many adults find it easier to absorb new information when their hands are busy. A set of small objects like this, each with its own function and tactile sensation, could improve productivity in schools and businesses alike.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. April, 2011.