Phone Drone: Turn Your Mobile Device into a Flying Robot

phone drone quadcopter shell

Why buy an entirely new computer along with your drone when you already carry a powerful device with a built-in camera right in your pocket?

phone drone device engaged

The PhoneDrone lets you insert your smart device right into a quadcopter shell, then fly the resulting hybrid via defined flight plans, in ‘follow’ modes or remote-control (via a tablet, computer or another smartphone). The PhoneDrone will also automatically return to you when it is running low on batteries, then folds up for easy portability.

phone drone folded up

Beyond the obvious benefits, there are some subtle ones as well – no more need to transfer photos or videos back to your device, since they will be taken with that device to begin with.

phone drone personal flying robot

And upgrades are much easier when you are already regularly upgrading your own personal portable computing gadgets and can just insert the next one in the same drone body. The interface, of course, will be familiar as well – you can use iPhone or Android devices.

phone drone controller

phonedrone controls

From its makers: “The PhoneDrone returns when the batteries are running low, the integrated flight management tool in the app means that you can control altitude and location for your flight path, and you can even tether the phone on-board with another phone.”

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See more in Robotics or under Technology. May, 2015.