Pepper Spray + iPhone Case = Always-Present Self Defense

It is a sad fact of life that carrying a piece of protective equipment is a necessity for a lot of people – but as long as this type of device is necessary, it might as well be handy and easy to use. The Spraytect is a smartphone case that contains a small pepper spray cartridge, allowing carriers to defend themselves with the one item they are almost guaranteed to have within reach at all times of the day and night.

Developed by a father for his daughter who was heading off to college, the Spraytect is a kind of brilliant way to ensure that you’ve always got a self-defense tool at the ready. Most of us have developed such a strong attachment to our phones that we are never, ever without them, so it makes perfect sense to attach an important item like pepper spray to them.

Knowing how much smartphones are handled every day, the Spraytect’s inventor built in some safety features to avoid accidental firings. Before the pepper spray can be shot, the user has to pull a small pin and then rotate a lever. Of course, it might actually take less time to just dial 911 on the phone already in your hand, but maybe the pepper spray could keep an attack at bay until the police arrive.

The Spraytect comes in several different colors with color-coordinated pepper spray canisters. It comes with a non-pepper spray practice canister so users can get used to how the trigger mechanism works. Refill canisters are also available, just in case you’re ever unfortunate enough to need to use it.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. November, 2012.