Peek Inside: Industrial X-Rays of Video Game Controllers

There is a very good reason that geeks gravitate toward technology-based jobs: we like to play with stuff. Awesome Redditor Diabolikal49 works with industrial X-ray systems and, in the interest of entertaining the rest of us, X-rayed some video game controllers.

What happened then was nothing short of magical. The mundane plastic contraptions suddenly look like impressively complex feats of engineering.

Every interior component is suddenly made clear in stylish greyscale. Some of the most impressive pieces are the screws which hold the devices together. They appear to float in mid-air when the thin plastic shrouds of the case are removed.

The screws and cords are equally lovely. Some of the controllers manage to look like complex musical instruments, while others look like a jumble of electronic parts.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. May, 2012.