Nerdiness On the Go: Nintendo Controller Train Car Graffiti

train graffiti nintendo controller

Train car graffiti can get a little out of hand sometimes – most of us can’t imagine what those letters and symbols are supposed to mean, and the spray paint art can cost a lot to clean up. Here’s one piece of fine graffiti art that we hope never gets painted over, though. Spotted by Reddit user Kgriffin88, this Nintendo-themed train car is crazy cool.

nintendo train graffiti

Any Nintendo player in the world will quickly point out that there is an extra red button on the controller. This wasn’t due to ignorance on the artist’s part. The creator of this masterpiece, Texer, placed three buttons with the initials of his “crew” – A, L, and B – on the controller. This might result in a bit of nerd rage, but the fact that a Nintendo controller-themed train car exists just makes our whole day better.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. April, 2014.