Moving Sound: Cool Interactive Gesture-Controlled Speaker

Since we’ve been able to create smaller and smaller electronic components, devices like speakers have dramatically changed size and shape. They have become small enough that awesome new types of speakers are now possible. The Soundsitive Speaker from J.C. Karich allows users to control their music with nothing more than a simple wave of the hand.

When a user wants to change the volume he places a hand above the speaker and moves it up or down to correspond with the direction in which he wants to volume to change. The wood grain exterior cylinder raises and lowers along with the volume. To switch to the previous or next song, a wave of the hand in one direction or the other is all that it takes.

The idea of interactive objects is always fun, but we have to wonder how many people would choose this type of gadget when we already have remote controls. Given a choice between waving an arm around (plus remembering which gestures control what) and only moving a thumb to press labeled buttons on a remote, it seems like most people would choose the simpler route.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. July, 2011.