Moving Art – Literally: Painting + Retro Video Game Mashup

art gallery video game

Walking through an art gallery and looking at all of the beautiful art is an ideal activity in itself for a lot of people, but there are still those out there who think that looking at art is kind of boring. For those people, Brent Watanabe‘s interactive project called FOR(){} might be enough to warrant a trip to the art gallery after all.

His three acrylic paintings are overlaid with a projection of a retro-style custom video game. Passers-by can sit down for a few minutes, pick up a controller, and play around with the game on the canvases.

interactive art

According to Watanabe, there is no point to the game. There’s no beginning or ending and the points are all arbitrary. You get the addictive experience of playing a video game, but at the end of the day all you’ve really done is engaged in some pointless (but undoubtedly fun) time-wasting. However, you do get the pride of saying you just spent half the day at an art gallery.

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