Interactive Pajamas Do the Bedtime Story Reading For You

smart pjs

Remember when bedtime meant climbing into your soft, fluffy bed with mom or dad, picking out a favorite book and following along with the words you knew so well already? Well, now it’s the future and we can’t even do bedtime stories without some kind of electronic device. The Smart PJs are an admittedly-cute invention that lets parents aim their smartphone at kids’ jammies and let the smartphone do the story telling for them.

The series of dots all over the pajamas are embedded codes that indicate to the smartphone which story to read. Kids can pick a different one every night, asking mom or dad forhelp when they want to “read” one of the stories on their backs.

interactive pajamas

Smart PJs aren’t all about using technology to make bedtime lazier, though. You can actually mute the app so that mom or dad or the kids can read the words themselves. Kids can start out having the stories read to them and then progress to learning the words and reading them on their own. Priced at $25/pair, the Smart PJs are pretty darn close to the price of those dumb PJs your kids have been wearing this whole time.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. May, 2013.