Modern Vintage: iPhone Case Blends New + Old Technology

Apparently, cell phone photography has now overtaken traditional photography – in other words, far more pictures are taken with phones than with cameras. This is an odd, if not totally unexpected, development in the area of photography that leaves a lot of camera enthusiasts feeling slightly empty. Well, not to fear, because the Gizmon iCA combines phone photography and a traditional-looking “camera” to create a decidedly modern way to snap pics.

The Gizmon iCA is basically a case for your iPhone that makes it look like you’re using a vintage camera. It comes with two interchangeable “lenses,” a tripod and a soft case to complete the illusion of a real, live camera. If you want to really look like a tourist, you can even attach a strap to the case and hang it around your neck. The shutter button on the case really works, and you can still use all of your iPhone’s functions while it’s resting in the Gizmon case.

The idea may be a tiny bit cheesy, but it’s perfect for people who still feel a little awkward taking pictures with a phone rather than a camera. It’s nowhere near as bulky as an actual vintage camera, but it gives you a satisfyingly camera-like thing to hold in front of your face while you explore a new town or document this Friday’s party. The Gizmon case comes in a few different colors and will run you $65.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. January, 2012.
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