Mini Yacht Perfect for Luxurious Play or Life-Saving Trips

jet capsule lazzarini

Italian design studio Lazzarini has gone somewhere that most yacht makers dare not venture: miniature. Their Jet Capsule is a mere 24.6 feet long and 11.5 feet wide. This watercraft is not meant solely for the obscenely wealthy, however – it can be adapted to do a number of useful and life-saving jobs.

rooftop sunbathing jet capsule

mini yacht jet capsule

The yacht’s small size allows it to be fuel efficient and extremely agile, moving in ways that a larger boat simply could not. It is surprising just how much the yacht experts were able to squeeze into this tiny space. The covered deck has seating for eight; a rooftop sunbed and automatic closing doors make for a rather luxurious experience for the personal user.

cockpit controls lazzarini mini yacht


jet capsule mini yacht military style

Depending on what the micro-yacht will be used for, it can also contain a diving platform, toilet, bedroom, and kitchen. Some of the suggested uses are a water taxi, armored military patrol boat, SCUBA diving craft, party boat, or a water emergency vehicle.

lazzarini mini yacht night LEDs

The yacht comes with one or two engines, depending on just how much power you’ll need in the water. In the dark, the boat’s multi-colored LED lights glow eerily and create otherworldly reflections on the water, leading to the illusion that it’s some kind of alien craft. The concept of a “miniature yacht” is weird enough, we think.

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