Lunar Close-Up: New Consumer Camera Zooms Way Into the Moon


What used to take a clear sky and a telescope can now be accomplished on a semi-dark evening with an off-the-shelf, computer-model camera. No need to join NASA or hitch a ride with SpaceX to see the lunar surface when there’s a Nikon P900 handy.

As consumer camera tech takes off, more and more possibilities are available without needing specialized equipment. The camera comes with a 24-2000mm lens that can pull off a 83x optical zoom – point, zoom, click and you can become an amateur astronomer.

Not that the P900 is the only camera that can do this – give it a few years and your smartphone will probably be able to do the same as these other semi-professional setups.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. September, 2016.