Looking For Me? Brazilian Police About to Go Scary Futuristic

Brazilian police patrolling the 2014 World Cup will have a futuristic hand when trying to root out the troublemakers in the crowd. They’ll be wearing Robocop-type glasses equipped with facial recognition software that will be able to scan 400 faces per second. The images will be beamed to a central database capable of storing 13 million facial images, and if a match is made a little red indicator will pop up in the cop’s field of vision.

According to police insiders, this system is safer and more discreet than the regular method of asking ID: criminals can be apprehended without too many questions. The glasses can scan faces up to 164 feet away from the officer, but if police are looking for a specific target the glasses can be made to search for and recognize that person up to 12 miles away.

With 46,000 biometric identification points used for comparison, the police are confident that false identification won’t be a problem. The device can be used to pick out football fans who have caused brawls in the past or simply find fugitives in the crowd. It’s somewhat of a nightmare for criminals and for those who value their privacy, but could arguably make public gathering places and events safer for spectators.

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. April, 2011.