Living Lamp Glows Brighter the More Attention You Give It

bioluminescent dino pet lamp toy

Bioluminescence is a pretty cool natural phenomenon that lets living organisms glow with their own inner light. Tiny bioluminescent plankton called dinoflagellates make up the inner glow in a cool new toy/virtual pet called Dino Pet.

dinoflagellates dino pet living lamp

Dino Pet gets its name and its shape from the dinoflagellates that inhabit its plastic shell. The tiny plankton live in salt water and require minimal care to thrive and bring you a sweet little light show at night.

During the day, your Dino Pet should be set in indirect light. At night, give it a little shake to stimulate the plankton and make them glow. Every now and then, you dump some liquid nutrients into the dino’s belly to keep the plankton fed.

dino pet belly

The amount of light your Dino Pet puts off depends on how well you care for it. If you pay attention to it and give it lots of love, it will put on a show for you every night after a little shake.

bioluminescent living lamp

The toy/pet/biological lamp from BioPop was developed after the company began a quest for a sustainable bio-light. They found dinoflagellates, designed an adorable vessel for them, and made a completely lovable living lamp that’s available in the US for $59.95.

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