Little Vampire Will Suck Your Blood to Keep You Healthy

vampire winny

Having your finger pricked with a needle to check your blood glucose level can be scary no matter what your age, but for little kids it can be especially traumatic. Vampire Winny, from designer Diana Dumitrescu, is meant to make the experience a little more fun and a little less scary for kids.

vampire winny blood glucose meter for kids

The glucometer looks like a cute, friendly vampire – which is fitting given the fact that its sole purpose is to get blood from users. Kids stick their fingers into Winny’s mouth and press down on the trigger to activate the little needle. Then they touch the testing strip located in Winny’s head to start the testing process.

glucometer app for kids

The Vampire Winny iPhone app then reveals the child’s glucose level. If it’s too low or too high it will give an alert that’s easy for the child to understand. Using an app that’s actually geared toward kids gives the kids a bit of autonomy and makes them feel like they have some control over their disease, which can be a huge benefit for someone with diabetes. Unfortunately Vampire Winny is only a concept, but it’s an ingenious one that could do a world of good for diabetic kids (and adults).

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. April, 2013.