Literal Wall Clock: Light and Shadow Form Elegant Timepiece

Mankind has used shadows to tell time since before we had a name for telling time. From watching the sun elongate the tree shadows on the ground to using sundials to pinpoint the precise minute, shadows have been helping us keep track of our days forever. Two designers have brought this concept inside in a stylish and thoroughly modern way with the Shadow Clock.

Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen have developed the stunning Shadow Clock, which uses shadows and an entire wall to illuminate the time. There is no face, there are no numbers – there is only the simple interplay of shadow and light. A conventional light bulb and clock movement are pretty much all it takes to bring this lovely concept to life.

The designers engineered this simple clock to be as simple as possible. The shadow projector moves lines of darkness across a field of light to indicate the time. Even if it’s less precise than a traditional face clock design, it’s certainly leagues more stylish. It would be a perfect addition to the home of anyone who values the simplicity and elegance of nature. It’s not only a concept: the Shadow Clock is a real product actually made by the design team, although there’s no information on how to purchase it.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. July, 2010.