Kinetic Kicks: Foot Charger Taps Your Movements for Juice

Skateboard culture has inspired tons of fashions and trends, but this might be the first time skaters have inspired a consumer gadget. The aptly-named “Kinetic Energy” charger uses – you guessed it – kinetic energy created by the movement of the wearer to charge cell phones and other devices.

Designed by Soledad Martin, the Kinetic Energy charger straps onto a shoe using an inconspicuous strap. The strap even comes in different colors so as not to cramp that famous skater style. While you’re out there skating down the street, walking the dog or taking a daily jog, the charger is transferring your movement into stored power.

The awkward part of the design is that you would have to either sit down or detach the charger in order to actually use it to charge your devices. Neither option is particularly attractive when you’re out for a day of sports, but when you desperately need to make a call or check up on your stock quotes having a charger right on your shoe would be pretty darn convenient.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. March, 2011.