iPad Too Portable? Turn it Into a Crazy 70-Inch Touch Table

Some people find their fingers way too big to manipulate the little buttons on an iPhone touch screen. You might think that an iPad would be the perfect alternative, but what if that portable gadget is just a little too portable for your tastes? The Padzilla lets you turn your small, lightweight, very portable iPad into a monstrous immovable device with a screen of up to 150 inches.

Technically the Padzilla is known as a “case,” but it looks like a touch-screen table-top to us. It lets you use your iPad normally, but through this ridiculously large screen instead of just touching the iPad’s own screen. The 70-inch screen shown in the video runs between $30k and $40k, so it’s definitely not a toy – but we really can’t help but imagine how cool Fruit Ninja would be on this ginormous screen.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. October, 2011.