Intuitive Tools Make Music From Your Heartbeat + Movements


For those of us without much musical talent, the very act of making music can seem like a complex, mystical thing. Designer Pieter Jan Pieters has demystified the musical process a bit by creating a virtual orchestra of instruments that react to your natural movements and everyday actions.



FNGR, at top, contains a sensor that picks up on every time you bend, tap or move your finger. Heart and Kick, above, make music from your heartbeat and foot movements, respectively.



Scan is a small device that is moved over drawings or samples of handwriting. As it passes over the marks, it emits unique sounds based on those specific drawn lines. Wob contains a proximity sensor that reacts to your hand getting closer or further away, making personalized music that you control easily.

The project is known as Sound on Intuition, and it allows everyday people with no previous musical experience to make beautiful songs that are entirely personal. Intuitive movements and even mindless fidgeting are translated into the universal language of music, letting you experience a new level of self-exploration.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. February, 2013.