Ingenious Object Links Any Two Kitchen Utensils Into Tongs

Sometimes a simple idea can result in an amazingly smart invention that leaves us wondering why no one thought of it before. A plain-looking little lump of silicone can transform almost any two objects in your kitchen into tongs to help you grab, flip, and serve your food.

The invention is called Link and it’s from Konstantin Slawinski of Studio Dreimann. The little piece of silicone has two X-shaped cutouts into which you can insert a spoon and fork (for salad tongs), two knives or two forks (for barbecue tongs), or pretty much any other handled kitchen utensils needed to do a specific job.

The benefit of this gadget, of course, would be that you would not have to keep a drawer full of separate utensils for every function. Instead, you could use things you already have on hand and switch them out for different meals. Maybe it’s not a necessity, but for space-poor kitchens it would absolutely be a welcome addition!

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. July, 2011.