Could a Kid-Powered School Bus Stop the Obesity Epidemic?

You might pack your kids up into a big yellow bus to get them to school every morning, but what if they had to use their own leg power to get them there? Childhood obesity rates would plummet and we’d be looking at a future generation of fit, healthy, activity-loving kids. This kid-powered school bus doesn’t actually transport kids to school, but as Wired points out, it’s a great idea that could be beneficial in many ways.

This pedal-powered school bus was made by De Cafe Racer and can be rented out for fun outings in the Netherlands. Along with seating several kids, there is an adult-size captain’s seat where a grownup sits to steer the huge contraption. If brought to the U.S. as a school bus we could definitely see good things happening – not only for students’ health, but in lessons about teamwork. After all, this Flintstones-type vehicle won’t move if everyone puts their feet up and relaxes.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. July, 2011.