In Good Taste: Flavored Envelopes For Pleasanter Letters

Sure, most of us are much more likely to send an email or text message than we are to write or print a letter, put it in an envelope and send it off. But for those old-school folks who like to keep the Post Office busy, there is now a way to lick and seal envelopes without that horribly gluey taste.

Flavorlopes are reportedly the world’s first patented envelopes with flavored glue. It is kind of baffling to think that no one has ever done this before since nasty-tasting envelopes are a well-established problem.

The company currently produces five flavors: grape, apple, orange, cherry and strawberry. The family behind the company wants to bring back the almost-lost art of letter writing, and they’re doing their part by making the process of sealing envelopes much more pleasant than it has ever been.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. August, 2012.