In-Car Portable Computer: Steering Wheel Laptop Idea

cario 2

In-car computers are nothing new, but a fully-functional laptop is not something you’d expect (or even want) to see the driver using in the car next to you. But designer Anna Lopez has come up with an interesting new portable computer that’s actually designed to be used in the car. Cario, the slimline, borderless concept computer is light, portable and made to fit just right in the car’s interior. The laptop’s system connects to the car’s system, providing a streamlined way to control your driving experience.


As dangerous as an in-car laptop may sound, the Cario’s purpose isn’t to cause accidents or distract drivers. In fact, it’s meant to make your commute a bit easier. The computer hooks up to your car’s system, letting you control the interior environment and settings. But you can’t use all of the laptop’s functions while the car is moving; it works only as a heads-up display projection unless you’re stationary. When the car stops, the computer hooks over the car’s steering wheel to provide a convenient workspace. Sounds great for those long ferry rides or for when you’re stuck in the car waiting for your companion to grab some coffee.

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