How Dry I Am: Weird Umbrella Helmet Keeps Hands Free

Why do we continue to use the classic umbrella design? It’s not very user-friendly, and it seems to cause just as many problems as it solves – if not more. Finally, someone heard our nerdy pleas of despair and invented something called the Nubrella (not to be confused with Nutella, which is delicious but offers very little in the way of rain protection).

The Nubrella was invented by a cell phone dealer who probably just wants you to have your hands free so you can talk on the phone more, even in the rain. The strange looking umbrella keeps its bulk off of you, using only shoulder straps and a chest strap to keep it attached and stable. It will presumably block at least some wind, letting you walk to work without messing up your ‘do.

You may look ridiculous wearing this space helmet-like contraption, but at least your head and shoulders will stay dry, you’ll have both hands free, and there’s no pole to thwack you in the head when a sharp gust of wind kicks up. The clear polyurethane is treated with anti-water-beading magic to keep rain drops from obstructing your view. Unfortunately there’s no anti-bully magic, so you’ll just have to learn to ignore the people who are sure to point and laugh when they see you walking around with a plastic bubble on your head – or use that obsolete umbrella to fight back. You might as well now that your hands are free for things like that!

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. November, 2010.