Robot Takeover: Giant Mecha Takes Downtown Vancouver

Halloween may be over for this year, but some costumes are just too awesome to wait until next October to share. A super-dedicated DIYer from Vancouver built this insane mecha and took it out for a spin on the streets of his city, attracting all kinds of attention and probably scaring the pants off of a few passing motorists.

According to the suit’s creator, it cost him more than $1350 to get this beast up and running for its big debut. $600 of that was spent on sheet metal and aircraft aluminum alone. The awesome mecha took more than 250 hours over the course of two months to put together.

As the mecha’s wearer and his “co-pilot” wandered the streets awing onlookers, you almost could have mistaken them for celebrities. The huge metal contraption probably couldn’t fit through most doors and definitely wouldn’t allow you to ride in a car…but something tells us that in a costume this awesome, the party would come to you.

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