Hook Line + ‘Stinguisher: Awesome DIY Grappling Hook Gun

Plenty of DIY projects can help you pass some time and enhance your tinkering skills, but this one can actually help fulfill your geeky dream of being a little more like Batman. A super-inventive MIT student put together a fire extinguisher, some pipes and hoses and a Nerf gun to make a sweet grappling hook gun that kind of makes us want to run out to Home Depot right now.

The video displays just how much power this cool little hook shooter is packing. The guy behind the project says it’s not at all hard to build, which is easy to say for someone who got into MIT – but as long as you know how to solder and have basic building skills you should be able to throw together one of your own thanks to the awesome Instructables he put together. Just don’t shoot your eye out, Batman.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. September, 2011.