High-Tech Window Cling is Like a Volume Knob for Real Life

noise cancellation device window sticker

Street noise is a menace. If you live or work within close proximity to a busy street, you’ve no doubt been affected by the horns, trucks, loud stereos, and miscellaneous noise producers. The Sono is a new invention that aims to give your ears and your nerves a break by putting an end to that bothersome barrage of sounds.

noise cancelling window sticker

Created by industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich, the Sono sticks to glass surfaces and literally allows you to dial down unwanted noise. After it receives a sound’s vibrations, it reprocesses them much like the active noise cancellation technology used in certain headphones. Sono’s interface acts as a dial, letting you choose which sounds you want blocked from your fortress of solitude.

Currently just a working prototype, Stefanich hopes to eventually mass produce the Sono. Imagine reading in your ground level apartment that’s only a few yards from the street and only hearing the pleasant sounds of birds chirping.

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. October, 2013.
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