High-Tech Door Lock Snaps a Pic of Everyone Who Enters

goji smart lock

Digital devices are swiftly overtaking their analog counterparts, and that includes the locks on our cars and homes. Goji is a smart lock that opens your door with a smartphone from anywhere in the world, but it also does something rather unusual: it takes a picture of the person unlocking the door. You, the owner/administrator of the lock, get a text alert and email immediately showing the picture.

wi-fi lock takes pictures of entrants

This feature is invaluable for parents who want to make sure their kids get home from school safely, or for people who want to make sure their housesitters aren’t having crazy parties while they’re away. The Goji easily connects in place of a deadbolt, then hooks up to your wi-fi network. Every user has a unique electronic key, so the Goji greets them by name every time they open the door.

goji smart door lock

Electronic keys can be issued permanently, temporarily, or only for certain days or times of the day, such as for dog walkers or housekeepers. If those people with temporary keys start abusing their access, you can immediately revoke any of the keys. Special fobs can be used in place of smartphones to open the lock for people who don’t routinely carry smartphones. And in the event that you lose your smartphone AND your fob, the lock can be opened with a regular key that fits into a keyhole hidden behind the Goji’s display.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. June, 2013.