Hands-Free Umbrella Weathers the Storm While You Text

hands free umbrella for texting

Keeping connected while walking in rainy weather just got a little bit easier. The Phone-Brella from kt Design lets you text and use for phone for whatever without having to worry about the water damaging the all-too-delicate device.

umbrella made for texting

Unlike other umbrellas that require you to awkwardly balance them on your shoulder while trying to hold down the handle with one forearm, the Phone-Brella’s handle hooks around your arm.

A counterweight lets the Phone-Brella balance easily on your shoulder, leaving both hands free but still protecting you from the weather.


ItĀ seems like sort of a silly invention, but one that will undoubtedly be useful for plenty of people who are frustrated with the weather making them miss important texts and even more important Candy Crush levels.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. November, 2015.