Geeky Spy Gear: Secret Pinhole Camera Necktie

necktie spy camera record secretly

Office mates irritating you? Ready to catch them in the act of napping and blackmail them later? You need a necktie spy camera. It’s amazing how small video cameras have gotten, and this is one of the smallest. It’s well-disguised in the pattern of the tie; so much so that you’ll probably have to actually look for it to be able to see it.

necktie spy camera hidden camera secret recording

You don’t even have to have any double-Windsor skills to wear this itty-bitty camera; the neck looks to be elastic. You can control the camera with a little keychain remote, so you won’t have to fiddle suspiciously with the tie to get it to start recording.

necktie spy camera pieces and usb port

Once  you catch your office buddies trapping your stapler in Jello, kissing up to the boss or using their corporate credit card at Hooters, you just plug the tie right into your USB port to transfer the incriminating video. The tie has 4 GB of built-in memory and records at 352 X 288 resolution and 12 FPS, so you’ll actually get some decent video from this tiny gadget. And at $66, it won’t be hard to justify the purchase.

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