Futuristic Sanitizing Device Keeps Your Dirty Hands Clean

When you think about the concept of traditional bathroom sinks, the faucet setup doesn’t make a lot of sense. You turn the handles with dirty hands, wash your hands and then touch the dirty handles again with clean hands to turn the water off. Of course, most public restrooms have switched to hands-free faucets by now, but there might be another choice for disinfecting your hands in public places.

The Clea Hands Disinfection Device is a small machine that features two strips of sprayers which, when you place your hands between them, douse your digits with disinfectant. After a few seconds, the disinfectant evaporates and you are left with clean, germ-free, refreshed hands.

The Clea Hands device was designed by Mukomelov Studio to improve the hand sanitation practices in restaurants and other public places. Rather than fiddling about with sinks (admittedly, even the automatic faucets are a bit of a pain) this invention would let visitors easily keep clean hands with a minimum of effort.

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See more in Various Gizmos or under Gadgets. August, 2011.