Fun With Re-runs: LG’s Retro-Tastic CRT Television Set

Watching ancient Ozzy and Harriet reruns just doesn’t feel genuine when you’re parked in front of a wide-angle flat-screen TV, does it? LG is bringing the retro look back to televisions with this sweet little cathode ray tube (CRT) TV set. It’s called the Serie 1, and while it may look deliciously retro it’s got some surprisingly modern features.

Despite the working knobs on the front of the set, the Serie 1 also comes equipped with a wireless remote control – just in case you’re feeling more lazy than nostalgic. It’s also equipped with a digital tuner so you can still keep up with your fave sitcoms without adding an ugly set-top digital converter box. The spiffy rabbit ear antenna is a stylish, albeit purely decorative, addition.

One of the coolest features of this retro-look TV is that you can flip easily between black & white, color and sepia-toned picture. Currently the Serie 1 is only available in Korea for about the equivalent of $216.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. August, 2011.