Future Mass Transit: Semi-Private iPad-Clad Electric Cars

Perhaps the future of commuting doesn’t lie with trains or buses at all; maybe in the future we will all get around in semi-public cars which are community-based but not as large and impersonal as buses. These semi-public vehicles will feature shared community ownership and run on electricity, cutting down on transportation costs for participants while greatly reducing the amount of commuter emissions.

This particular mobile transport concept from a group of designers at Hogeschool Rotterdam is known as http://www.behance.net/gallery/Future-Urban-Mobility/640461. It’s a six-seat concept car that is completely silent and can accommodate disabled riders with ease. The driver’s compartment is separate from the passenger compartment and on a slightly higher level, giving the driver a quiet environment and safe vantage point in which to work.

Wheelchair users can easily roll right into the vehicles, thanks to the built-in ramps and roomy interiors. With four of the six passenger seats removed, two full-size wheelchairs can fit into the car.

Each car is equipped with a heads-up display for the driver, making it easier to navigate and perform necessary functions without dangerously taking attention away from the road. Non-critical functions of each vehicle are controlled via an iPad dock at the driver’s station.

The car’s unique shape is perfect for a cargo vehicle, and when all six seats are removed from the passenger compartment that’s exactly what it becomes. Different vehicles in the same fleet can be used as taxis, delivery vans, and commuter buses. An entire city full of electric vehicles would reduce emissions by staggering amounts while providing convenient transportation for everyone.

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