Functional Keyboard Plate Combo is Not for the Germ-Phobic

Dutch designer Hella Jongerius has figured out the way to the heart of every blogger, gamer, and late-night online student: a keyboard that doubles as a plate.

The brilliant design features a split keyboard with a large space for food right in the middle. Thanks to the special secondary function of the keyboard, we’d love it if it were dishwasher-safe.

The keyboard, of course, isn’t a real product, as much as we wish it was. It was part of an exhibition called My Soft Office, in which Jongerius combined common household items with technology.

The keyboard pillow was another excellent design from the same exhibit. It might be hard to sleep on without inadvertently sending an email or something, but it would definitely be more comfy than some of the wireless keyboards we’ve used.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. November, 2012.