Functional Finery: Presentation Tool Disguised as Jewelry

Office equipment isn’t generally seen as stylish or sexy in the least, but this plastic bracelet might be an exception. You see, it is not just a bracelet – its stylish exterior hides a high def projector and USB storage. The Mini Projector Bangle was designed by Prospective Design Studio to help business women (or men who like pretty jewelry; we don’t judge) keep their presentation equipment close at hand.

The projector inside the bracelet is designed to cast an image onto any available surface. The bangle is equipped with touch-sensitive controls, so moving from one slide to the next is as simple as swiping a finger in one direction or the other. The two halves of the bracelet come apart for easy access to the USB storage; when put back together they’re held in place with strong magnets.

The concept also features an LED clock that shines through from just beneath the surface, giving it added functionality as a watch. The Mini Projector Bangle, while a neat idea, is only a concept and doesn’t seem poised to go into production anytime soon.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. October, 2012.