Fun DIY Pen is Flat-Pack Entertainment For Your Hands

When you’re bored at the office and the IT department has really limited your surfing options, taking apart all of your pens starts to seem like a good idea. Design studio Fraser Ross started to wonder if maybe putting a pen together was just as interesting and time-consuming. They created the DIY Pen to keep your idle hands busy.

The DIY Pen is a flat-pack product that can be sent in a postcard-size envelope. The pieces all pop out and slot together easily to create a uniquely-shaped pen that your office mates will never be able to claim is theirs.

The final stage of assembly involves using a hair dryer or oven to shrink the rubber down to a tight fit over the wooden discs. The project is an exercise in pairing up unusual materials. Plywood and heat-shrink rubber aren’t often used together, but they work together marvelously in this fun consumer product.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. July, 2011.