Freeze! Leg-Powered Snow Vehicle Plows Through Powder

There’s nothing quite like racing through snow in the winter, feeling the chilly air on your face and marveling at the powder-covered world. But the tranquility of a snowy day is destroyed by the loud wails of snowmobiles and the stinky pollution they create.

The Human-Powered Snow vehicle concept from Italian designer Michele Marin would put the nature back into that wonder-filled snow ride by taking the mechanical engine out of the equation. As you might deduce from the name, it is powered by people rather than a polluting engine.

Pedaling along almost like a bike, users can ride the ski trails in peace, taking in the sights in a cleaner, greener way. The HPS is made of lightweight aluminum that is formed without molding techniques, making it recyclable and even more environmentally friendly.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. December, 2010.