Free Play: Universal Connectors Join Up All Building Toys

Is there anything sadder than a box full of building toys that can’t seem to play nice together? It’s a shame when you’ve got LEGOs, K’Nex, Duplos and a bunch of other construction kit pieces all hanging out together but unable to interact. The Free Universal Construction Kit lets all of your building toys come together in all kinds of unholy unions.

The Kit was designed by F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab as a way to overcome the manufacturers’ closed systems and allow owners of these various systems to build new and amazing things that were never before possible.

The Free Universal Construction Kit from Adapterz on Vimeo.

You won’t find the kit in stores – it’s available as a free download for reproduction on home 3D printers. And this is exactly what 3D printers should be used for: getting around the constraints imposed by manufacturers who want to lock you into buying only their product forever and ever.

The printable kit works with LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, TinkerToys, K’Nex, Duplos, Fischertechnik,Krinkles, ZomeTools, and Zoob. In the words of the designers, they want to encourage new forms of intercourse between otherwise closed systems.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. March, 2012.