Flat Free: Airless Carbon-Fiber Bike Tires Use Compression

energy return bike tires

Ushering in future for cyclists where flats are a thing of the past, the Energy Return Wheel uses a system of rubber-in-tension to replace the need for variable firmness normally accomplished through air inflation.

airless bike tire design

A series of elastic cushions supported by a scaffold structure reacts to compression as you travel along uneven surfaces, turning trapped potential into kinetic energy that helps propel the rider forward while providing a smooth ride.

airless tire car version

Designed originally for use in motorized vehicle, the application for bikes turned out to be a logical place to start since these two-wheeled contraptions are notorious for getting flats at the worst possible times.

airless cycle tire detail

Currently in development by BriTek, some design elements remain to be smoothed out, however, including how to keep the open-sided tires from becoming clogged with dirt and debris. Still, it has a lot of advantages too: “Airless, More Efficient, High Speed, In-Wheel Suspension, Light Weight, Durable, Puncture Proof, Improved Rolling Resistance, Precise Immediate Handling, Superior Acceleration, Lateral Displacement, Hill Clinbing Advantage, Anti-Bounce, Maintain Momentum , Fly Wheel Effect, De-weighting Effect, Return Against Gravity, Return Against Wind Resistance, No More Flats, Save Gas Save Money”

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. April, 2015.