Fabric of Space-Time: Placemats Inspired by Relativity

spacetime placemats

Drawing somewhat abstractly on the work of Albert Einstein, this faux-folding fabric features a warped grid that looks a lot like conventional attempts to represent space-time complexities in two-dimensional formats.

spacetime einstein inspired tableware

Designed by Japanese studio A.P.Works, the illusion is complete when a plate, fork, knife and (optional) spoon are set in their respective places, appearing to press down on the surface grid the way celestial bodies distort the universe as we know it.

spacetime placemat detail

spacetime geek place setting

Silkscreen on twill, blue on white or the reverse (sorry, no black and gold), these are a great introduction to astrophysics for kids but also a swell idea for anyone cosmologically-inclined Рone must prepare, however, to have them become outdated in the next great paradigm shift in science.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. June, 2015.