Locomotive Motorcycle: Steam-Powered Engine Drives Bike

steampunk style motorcyle

It is one thing to make something like Steampunk in style, but to actually drive that device using steam power takes an entirely higher-order level of commitment and engineering.

steampunk motorbike design

steam engine powered cycle

Revatu CustomsĀ is the Dutch motorocycle shop behind theĀ Black Pearl, this unique steam-driven creation named after Jack Sparrow’s pirate ship.

steam powered custom bike

steam engine bike system

The rear wheel of the vehicle is driven by a large crankshaft – unfortunately, the power source is also the limitation of the entire operation: the bike only has a top speed of around five miles per hour. Still, for a relaxing trip through town sure to draw attention, it would definitely be a lot of fun to ride.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. June, 2015.