Extreme Geek Gaming Art: Legend of Zelda Papercraft Fun

Zelda papercraft figures

Most of us certified geeks grew up playing the Legend of Zelda games. In fact, most of us are still playing them. Thanks to the breathtakingly excellent site Nintendo Papercraft, it’s now a little easier to enjoy all of your favorite characters and other game elements in three glorious dimensions.

Zelda Swords and Shield

The site offers links to patterns and instructions for all kinds of Nintendo-related papercraft goodies. The Legend of Zelda section has everything from deku nuts to minor characters to weapons and, of course, several incarnations of Link and Epona. There are even fun little extras, like rupees and the ever-present boss key.

Nintendo Papercraft Zelda Masks

It seems like all of the games in the Zelda series are well-represented; there are even plenty of masks from Masks of Majora. The site also features some old-school crafts, like pixellated 8-bit sword and bow. Nintendo Papercraft has papercraft projects for plenty of other games, including some unbearably adorable Kirby items. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even build Princess Peach’s impressive castle from Paper Mario, or Donkey Kong’s treehouse.

Nintendo Zelda Papercraft Boss Key and Trunks

Papercraft is a hugely popular craft that uses colored paper templates to make 3D sculptures. It’s similar to origami in that it involves folding paper, but unlike origami it involves using tape or glue to hold the finished creations together.

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