Evil Alarm App Makes You Take a Specific Pic to Turn it Off

sleep if u can app

People who hate getting up in the morning need a creative alarm that will not only wake them up, but get them to stay up. The Sleep If U Can app is a smartphone-based alarm that forces you to get out of bed and take a specific picture before it will turn off. You pre-set the picture yourself, preferably a picture of something that is far away from your bed but always in your home, like your front door or bathroom sink. Then when the alarm wakes you, you take another picture of the same thing. If the pictures match, you’re free to continue your day.

There is also a setting that requires you to shake the phone a certain number of times before it shuts off. Presumably this is based on the idea that once you start moving around, it’s much harder to drift back to sleep. For $2, the app seems like a pretty good deal – just don’t forget to shut off the picture-matching setting before you leave for vacation or you’ll have a rather unpleasant first morning of holiday ahead of you. The app is available both in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. April, 2013.