Everbright: Giant Interactive Lite-Brite Wall for Adults

light bright in motion

Turn each dial to cycle through 464 possible colors across a wall of bright lights, a magnet of introverts, conversation piece for extroverts and all-around insurance that there will always be something to do at the party.

light bright animation

Everbright comes with default animations to keep things interesting, a push-button reset for any time you want to start from scratch, and a smoother interface than its historic cousin, the Lite-Brite (a plug-and-play toy with a tendency toward piece loss).

wall interactive bright

wall interactive design

Based in San Francisco, the Hero Design team is selling these to the public, but targeting them to places where some added interaction would be helpful, like hotel lobbies, office waiting rooms and children’s museums.

wall light bright

wall pattern

Hard to verify their claims, but they even say this will make workplaces more productive: “Solve hard problems faster. Everbright refreshes hard-working brains. Unconscious minds are free to work through hard problems as hands tinker with this screen-free, device-free, interruption-free, tactile toy. It’s like a giant “refresh” button for the brain.”

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. September, 2015.