Easy on the Digits: Grocery Bag Carrier Prevents Finger Pain

We have a confession to make: we’re a little neurotic about carrying full grocery bags in from the car. We’ll put as many as possible into each hand and slide those suckers onto our arms until we can barely walk just to avoid having to make a second trip. It’s like a declaration of failure to have to go back to the car to retrieve more bags. Whoever created the One Trip Grocery Bag Holder is apparently a kindred spirit, because the simple device lets you carry a ton of bags all at once.

Like a big carabiner clip, the bag carrier opens up to hook through the handles of your paper or plastic grocery bags. It can hold up to 50 pounds of groceries at a time, so if you’re really hardcore like us you can carry a whole hundred pounds of groceries at a time with one in each hand. They’re $5 each so you can go a little crazy and treat yourself to a few of them.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. May, 2012.
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