Drone Ambulance: Fast Urban Quadcopter Flies with 1 EMT

drone ambulance futuristic design

If you have ever seen ambulances, police cars or fire trucks stuck in rush hour traffic, you may already sense that the future of emergency response in cities is definitely destined to fly the friendly skies.

A vision of argodesign, this particular solution is compact, fast and contains the bare minimum needed to help save the estimated 1,000 lives lost per year to slow response times – specifically: a single emergency medical technician.

drone ambulance single person

About the size of a car, this quadcopter can land in a single lane of a highway, bypassing traffic and not requiring and sort of special area for quick arrivals or departures from accident scenes.

drone airlift emergency evac

The aerial ambulance could either be self-piloted (driverless) or the EMT could double as the driver, which they generally do already on roads.

drone quadcopter automated emergency

Upon landing, the propeller sections fold upward to reduce the footprint of the flying vehicle. Meanwhile, a gurney and ramp unfold from one side for quick access to potential patients nearby.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. March, 2015.