Devil In the Details: Natural Algorithms = Amazing Art

The patterns present in nature are stunningly complex; the algorithms of the Earth are unquestionably impressive. Artist Erfu Wang captured these exceptionally beautiful algorithms in the photo series “Devil in the Details.”

Wang’s photographs detail the patterns created by electricity when it courses through CDs. By putting the CDs into a microwave in different positions and orientations, the artist is able to encourage different patterns to emerge.

The differences are apparent between CDs that are flat on the floor of the microwave, propped against one of the walls, or floating in a dish of water. But in all, the powerful electrical surges leave intricate lacy marks on the surfaces of the discs.

The marks are evidence of the algorithms followed by natural forces when they are left to their own devices. Nature tends to choose its own paths, and these paths affect our lives in many unseen ways every day.

This lovely technology-based art project illustrates the natural patterns of electricity in a surprisingly elegant way. Although most of us wouldn’t dream of sticking a CD into a microwave oven and intentionally frying it, Wang’s project is an exceptionally beautiful way to visually capture the awesome forces of nature.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. April, 2011.