Designer Dinner: Intricately Laser-Cut Sushi Seaweed

laser cut nori sheets

We’re all for technology being used to better the human race, but there’s nothing wrong with using technology to make something just for the fun of it. A company called Design NORI is making laser-cut sushi that’s probably not going to change any lives, but it will definitely make sushi more interesting.

intricate laser cut nori sheets

Nori is the seaweed used to wrap around sushi rolls. It’s densely packed with nutrients and, when used well, tastes amazing. Some types, like the kind Design NORI uses, are thick and durable enough to tolerate significant manhandling.

laser cut sushi seaweed

Design NORI uses a secret, proprietary method to laser-cut intricate designs into sheets of nori. Because the process is so delicate and labor-intensive, the designer seaweed is expensive: around $10 (US) per smallish sheet, though at the time of publication they are completely sold out.

delicate designer sushi nori

Despite theĀ currentĀ trouble keeping up with demand, the company head is hopeful for the future. He’s seen seaweed consumption in Japan steadily declining and hopes that this fun new form will help boost sales and consumption of this tasty, nutrient-packed veggie.

(via: RocketNews24)


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