Cool Dad Made a Working Hovercraft From Household Stuff

homemade hovercraft toy

Geeky parents have been known to do some pretty great things for their kids. From staying up late playing video games together to getting awesome custom-made toys, kids of geeks have it made.

YouTuber “VideoPapa” made this crazy-fun hovercraft for his son. He doesn’t give a lot of information about its construction, but he does say it’s┬ámade from polystyrene insulation board, and it seems to sport a small blower motor.

rope-steered homemade hovercraft

The homemade hovercraft doesn’t have a propulsion or steering system; rather, VideoPapa uses a string to steer the craft as he runs up and down the street.

fun homemade hovercraft

If you wonder whether a simple home-brewed hovercraft could possibly be any fun, just listen to the laughs and squeals of the little passenger in the video. Sadly, it would probably take a much larger motor to levitate a grown-up.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. August, 2014.