Design With Heart: MP3 Player Puts Health in Your Hands

We’ve all heard the clichés about our hearts being in other people’s hands or our health being in our own hands, but this MP3 concept would let you hold your own health and your own heart in your hands for your benefit. The MP3 player design is from Gusta Vicentini, who envisions the heart-shaped design as a symbol for the wearer’s fitness.

The MP3 player also functions as a heart monitor with a chest strap that is worn under the clothing. With the strap keeping track of the wearer’s heart rate and transmitting the information to the hand-held unit, the user can monitor his intensity during every workout.

The bottom part of the heart pulls off to reveal a USB connector which can plug directly into a computer to transfer songs and data. The large display shows song information, heart rate and a clock.

Thanks to the MP3 player’s compact size, the user can carry it in one hand and keep heart rate information conveniently accessible at all times. It might not be as sleek or minimalist as some popular MP3 players, but it’s a novel appearance that fits right in with the idea of keeping one’s heart healthy.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. October, 2010.