Depressingly Accurate? Timepieces Count Moments to Death

As much as we like to remind ourselves and those around us to “seize the day,” how often do we take this information to heart and live by it throughout the day? The Accurate Watch and Accurate Clock from Mr. Jones Watches are probably the most honest and, well, accurate reminder of just how little time we really have.

The timepieces feature the somewhat-startling message “Remember You Will Die” above their reflective surfaces. The message isn’t meant to be threatening, however: it’s a reference to a “memento mori,” a traditional object meant to remind the viewer that our time in this world is limited and precious.

The timepieces were designed with reflective faces in order to leave no room for doubt about who the message is directed at. Using the hour and minute hands as the bearers of the memorable words, the Accurate Watch and Accurate Clock remind all of us that life is short and that each moment should be treasured.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. November, 2011.